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Tony Germanotta

If you have two tuned loops you can position them and the radio to sort of phase out offending signals. The best results often come from tilting as well as turning the different loops, but it isn't as effective as using an actual phasing device. 

You can use a MFJ 1026 noise canceling active antenna as a pretty effective phaser. The loop input goes into one antenna in. A good noise antenna, like a long wire or rod goes into the other. Then you match input levels on the two antennas (an accurate S meter really helps here) and finally you can do your phasing. You can find instructions on the web. 

Some folks have used two loops and phased them against each other. Large untuned loops work well in that set up. Don't see why smaller tuned ones wouldn't. It would be a lot of knobs to fiddle with, though. 

You wouldn't get more signal. Just better signal to noise, which is usually more important. And removing pests from one side of your loop aperture allows wanted signals to squeeze through. When you get the phaser properly set up you can turn a knob and switch your antenna from front to back. It's magical the first time you hear it done. 

Of course all those electronics hanging off the end of an ultralight sort of seems like overkill. Might as well use the Drake R8 or Sony 2010. They'd be just as portable and much more effective. 

Of course when I was trying to get the Phillies game during the day here in Virginia before the Internet and put them all online, I used the phaser and amplified tuned loops and any other trick fed into my R8, R390, HQ 180 and 2010 to hear what was going on. 

I still have all that hardware. But I now prefer a barefoot PL 310 or, in tough conditions, attaching a hoop loop or spiral air loop tuned by the radio itself for ul DXing. 

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Thanks Tony and Ray.

I was hoping for something much simpler to narrow the pick up pattern with out setting the loops far apart. I don't have a pair of matched loops to experiment with, and I do have some gear in the shop for repairs so it will be awhile before I can afford to buy more toys.- FARMERIK

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