thanks and some interesting propagation

Allen Willie

  Hi Guys,
First of all Thanks to the Awards Committee for the recent award for 20 Latin stations heard. Much appreciated.
Secondly some interesting propagation  early this morning as I heard  CBC One Programming on 1340 khz with my SFR-M37V barefoot   . It included a jazz music program  but faded by the top of the hour before I could catch possible  mention of local news or weather update as most regional CB stations tend to do. Apparently in researching there are  3  such stations or relays throughout Ontario on 1340 as well as CFYK in Yellowknife NWT .
 It would be great if it was  Yellowknife  as I have not heard Yellowknife  (CJCD then ) since 1986 and that was heard from Alberta on a car radio.  R. Ulster from Northern Ireland usually dominates 1341 here even nights covering up 1340 most times so it's interesting to ponder  what that could have been . Unidentified for now .
Also  sitting on 1490  I thought I heard KNDC ID by a man which would be Hettinger, North Dakota  but it also faded  abruptly. Another unidentified  for the time being.  Will hit the graveyarders again tonight  with high hopes of similar  propagation.
Allen Willie
St. John's, Newfoundland

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