ULR Loggings Over Last Few Days

Jim <va3jno@...>

870 WHCU Ithaca, NY. Discussion about what is going on in "the legislature". "WHCU" ID at 0717 EST Feb 5. Very poor, often difficult to make anything out. 5kW/1kW. ULR# 218.

1570 WNSH Beverly, MA. "WNSH 15-70" ID at 1703 EST Feb 7. Half Italian, half English ad for a Trattoria in Beverly. Several other mentions of Beverly. Poor and faded out. 30kW/85W. ULR# 219.

1380 WKDM New York City, NY. Programming in Mandarin. "You are listening to Multicultural Radio, WKDM New York on AM 13-80" at 0601 EST Feb 9. Back into Mandarin. Very poor, fading out at times. 5kW. ULR# 220.

1360 WRDC Hartford, CT. Traffic report, "The Talk of Connecticut" ID at 0646 EST Feb 9, then sports report. Very poor. 5kW. ULR# 221.

All stations logged using a barefoot E100.

Jim Orcheson
Burlington, ON

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