Alignment Procedure for C.Crane SWP AM-FM-SW Ultralight

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     The C.Crane SWP will be one of the five AM-DXing models fully reviewed in the upcoming 2009 Ultralight Radio Shootout, and it is a very interesting pocket radio with a design obviously inspired by the discontinued Eton E100.  With 1 kHz tuning steps, a 455 kHz IF, and a pretty sensitive AM band, it is also a prime platform for 9 kHz transoceanic DX modifications (Slider loopsticks and Murata CFJ455K5 IF filters).
     As part of the Shootout preparation, a full AM alignment was performed on the review model, with the detailed procedure available on request.  Full alignment makes the stock SWP a very sensitive performer on AM, and it should prove to be a quite popular Ultralight--  long as the DXer can learn to live with the push-button volume controls, and the rather average stock IF filter.
     Modifications completely transform this radio into a DXing sensation, however.  The premium Murata CFJ455K5 filter makes an astonishing improvement in selectivity, providing even a greater boost than it provides in the E100's (with their fairly decent stock filter).  Steve Ratzlaff developed the great Murata filter installation modification for this SWP model, which fits inside the cabinet neatly.  The new Slider loopsticks also provide a huge difference in sensitivity, making the fully-modified SWP suitable for any stand-alone weak signal DXing mission.  The fully-modified E100's may finally have some serious 9 kHz-split Ultralight DX competition. 
     The model sells for $45.00 from Amazon with free shipping, or can be ordered directly from C.Crane.  Full details are upcoming in the Shootout.
     73,  Gary DeBock    

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