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Tony Germanotta

Hey Jake. Small world. I've been a dxer for a long time and on this list for years. 

Since I live in Chesapeake, I can tell you it is more than possible to receive middle eastern radio stations here. 

It's also very easy to pick up American stations broadcasting in foreign languages. So you'll have to use your Grundig to see what frequency you are on and then check a wealth of online references to see who might be on that frequency. 

There's a pretty good apple ap AMS 12 that gives you a list of all the American stations on a frequency, with info on their programming. Distance and bearing to your receiver. And power levels. 

Like any DXing, it's a combination of location, skill, persistence and luck. 

 A path over salt water really helps with daytime transmissions. So a trip to ocean view or Sandbridge can really make a difference. 

Noise is another limiter. Some houses have a ton of noise on medium wave. Arcing power lines. Buzzing fluorescent bulbs. Hash from phone chargers. Neighbors with touch lamps or aquariums. It all seems accentuated on the AM band. 

Timing is important as well. 1 am here is after sunrise in the Middle East which could squelch signals or be the perfect time if you catch the grey line enhancement. So a map that shows daylight across the globe is a good tool as well. 

Pretty soon you will be carting tons of ferrite to the edge of a cliff in a storm and thinking it's great fun. 

All that is the challenge and charm of the hobby. Some attack it with huge antennas. Others just that little Sony radio. 

Give me a call (I am in the phone book and old Pilot rosters). and we can get together some day and talk about DX and the old times at paper. 

I did a story once for the paper on DXing baseball games using home brewed loops or SelectATenna. That was before the mlb app. 

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I suppose I'll start off with an introduction and then my quick question - I'm new to ultralight DXing so please forgive any errors in terminology...I'll be reading through posts, conversations and the files to get better acquainted - I promise! I became interested in monitoring becoming drawn in by international shortwave broadcasts back in the mid-90s. I still listen quite often on my Grundig Satellit 700 and my Grundig YB 400.  I just received a Grundig (Eaton now I guess) S450 DLX Field radio - it's still in the box so I haven't tested it out yet.  

I stumbled across ultralight listening after reading reviews of the Sony SRF-39FP and purchasing one off ebay.

This is where my question comes in. I usually listen between 0000 and 0130 in the morning as I'm falling asleep - slowing tuning in stations.  I live in Norfolk Va. and am able to easily pull in stations from PA and Chicago.  

Last evening I was on the lower end of the dial and picked up (very faintly and with plenty of static) what I could only identify as either North African, Middle Eastern or Indian music with an announcer sounding more Middle Eastern.

Would it actually be possible for me to receive a station on the SRF-39FP  from the ME or North Africa or am I hearing something stateside broadcast for a community? I'm sorry that I didn't get a frequency (wife wouldn't like the light and me jumping out of bed) but I'll try again in the near future.

Thanks alot guys and I look forward to participating in this group. 


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