Re: Sangean Dt 400 FM Performance

Gary DeBock

Hi Barry,
     About the only way to make sure that a radio is misaligned (on either AM or FM) is to compare its performance with another identical model on the same band, and ensure that fringe station reception is significantly worse.  Most DXers don't have an identical model to use as a benchmark, but in the rare case of the SRF-59, it was very common for DXers to have two or more units, and discover that one was substandard.  For that reason, about 60 units were forwarded here for alignment, all of which were easily optimized on AM. 
     The Sangean DT-400W, on the other hand, not only costs much more, but both the AM and FM alignment processes require special multi-pin jumpers that are unique to the model.  If AM or FM performance is known (or suspected) of being substandard, an option might be to return the unit to Sangean for alignment on the affected band, if the unit is still under warranty.
     73,  Gary
In a message dated 2/8/2009 4:30:27 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, okmrbh@... writes:

>"That has been my experience with the DT200vx and to only a slightly
>lesser degree the SRF59. Most of the ULR's seem to be much better on
>AM than FM, unfortunately for those of us who DX both AM & FM."

> "Individual DT-400W model FM alignment can vary according to the
>Chinese factory, just like the AM alignment. Whereas the vast
>majority of DT-400W purchasers have reported great AM sensitivity,
>there have been a few who were disappointed. Each factory has its
>own alignment standard, and some Chinese factory workers are more
>diligent than others.

> In general, the DT-400W's FM section should perform very well,
>with good FM fringe reception as long as the plug-in stereo
>headphones are used (if you are using only the speaker, FM reception
>will be awful unless you also use the provided "trailing antenna").
>Longer cords on the stereo headphones can also usually boost up the
>FM fringe station strength."
Thank you both for your responses. I'm assuming the alignment is good
on my radio as the AM performance lives up to it's expectatioms and
therefore FM alignment should be set well too.

I've used the stock supplied FM antenna, the supplied ear buds, my
head phones and several made up antenna's in the radio's FM antenna
jack to try to improve things but have only had limited success. I
guess I'm wondering if I have an inferior unit or is this generally
how they perform.

I'll admit that the reception on the strong channels
has really good sound. I was just hoping to get some of my other
preffered FM stations just a little further down the road. I also have
the SRF 59 and I'd say the 400 is fairly close to the 59's on FM but
the 59 was only a $22 radio as opposed to the $69 Sangean.

Thanks, Barry.

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