Re: Three New Ones

Ken Kizer

That's fine, but I urge caution and note that there are hundreds of
stations in this country often running higher than authorized night power.

I urge caution since I know that there are achievements and records
for ULR logging based on power and distance. While the DXing
community may not always be 100% perfect in their assessment
as to whether a station is running day power at night, in general
the community can gather enough info to establish doubt. Of
course, someone close to Richmond can compare signal levels
day vs night and remove any doubt.
+20 over S9 on the Drake R8 at 5.1 miles, current time 10:50 pm.

As compared to: most of the last, oh, 40 years, it more or less
disappears in the mud around sunset.

Other local stations right now (night power)
WRVA is at +18 over S9, 50kw, 15 miles.
WTOX is at +9 over S9, 1.5kw, 11 miles.
WBTK is at +3 over S9, 5kw, 9 miles.
WXGI is at +10 over S9, 45 watts, 2.3 miles (riiiight :-))
WRNL is at +10 over S9, 1.5kw, 7 miles.
WLES is at +11 over S9, 58 watts, 6.8 miles.

73 KAZ

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