NZ MW Changes from April


NEW ZEALAND MW Changes ahead

April will open up some DX listening opportunities for Nzers  on medium wave.

The Mangere (Auckland) site occupied by transmitters/antennas for the
BBC World Service Auckland (810kHz) and Radio Apna (990kHz) has been
sold for commercial development, necessitating their relocation.These
stations will shortly be hosted at Radio New Zealand’s Henderson site in
West Auckland, meaning a total of 15 AM stations operating from the 2
masts at Henderson.

We can expect shutdowns of all stations at Henderson to complete the
transfer.Addition of new co-hosted stations is a significant technical
project as RNZ’s website 
advises that *756* AM (Radio NZ National) could have _early morning
outages of 4 hours 50 minutes on 17 nights between Tuesday 7 April and
Friday 1 May_.

Other frequencies carried by the Henderson masts are
*531*,*603*,*702*,*882*,*936*,*1080*,*1179*,*1251*,*1332*,*1386, 1476
and 1593* – these frequencies will also go silent during April when work
is done on their shared antenna.

So, how are you going to respond to this unusual listening opportunity?

Tony. (Cross post from Yahoo Group DXDIALOG)

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