Re: Explaining our hobby to non radio people

Neil Goldstein

Thanks Guy, and everyone else.

I have also used the fishing analogy, and taken it a step further.  Sometimes when explaining the hobby, I get asked, "Why don't you just stream the stations from the Internet?"

I tell the people that understand the fishing analogy that if they could go to a body of water with their computer, and have whatever kind of fish they chose simply appear on their line just by searching for it on the computer, it would initially be fascinating, but would get old quickly as there is no challenge.  Still a good reference to see what each kind of fish looks like though, which is how I look at streaming radio.

The same sort of thing can be said of EchoLink or HamSphere in Amateur Radio.  I'm sure you Hams have gotten the comment "Why don't you just call them, or use Skype?"

I have to say, the real raised eyebrows come when I combine field DXing with my other big outdoor hobby: Wild edible plant foraging.  Nothing like coming home with a full logbook, a bag of wild leeks, and bundle of cattail hearts!

Neil Goldstein  W2NDG

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