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Hello Okmrbh@yahoo. com,
     Individual DT-400W model FM alignment can vary
according to the Chinese factory, just like the AM alignment.  Whereas
the vast majority of DT-400W purchasers have reported great AM sensitivity,
there have been a few who were disappointed.  Each factory has its own
alignment standard, and some Chinese factory workers are more diligent than
      In general, the DT-400W's FM
section should perform very well, with good FM fringe reception as
long as the plug-in stereo headphones are used (if you are using only the
speaker, FM reception will be awful unless you also use the provided
"trailing antenna").  Longer cords on the stereo headphones can also
usually boost up the FM fringe station strength.
     73,  Gary

Of course that also depends on whether or not you can hear them even then due to the poor selectivity, which is also a problem on the AM on the DT200. Happily, the SRF59 is much better in the AM selectivity department.
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