Re: Sangean Dt 400 FM Performance

Gary DeBock

Hello Okmrbh@...,
     Individual DT-400W model FM alignment can vary according to the Chinese factory, just like the AM alignment.  Whereas the vast majority of DT-400W purchasers have reported great AM sensitivity, there have been a few who were disappointed.  Each factory has its own alignment standard, and some Chinese factory workers are more diligent than others. 
      In general, the DT-400W's FM section should perform very well, with good FM fringe reception as long as the plug-in stereo headphones are used (if you are using only the speaker, FM reception will be awful unless you also use the provided "trailing antenna").  Longer cords on the stereo headphones can also usually boost up the FM fringe station strength.
     73,  Gary DeBock     
In a message dated 2/7/2009 3:59:44 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, okmrbh@... writes:

Having just purchased a Sangean dt 400 based on the many positive reviews read here and
elsewhere, I'm a little surprised my it's FM performance. It seems to really struggle at picking
up anything but the strongest local FM signals.

My Eton E5, while a little bigger, grabbed most of the stations and of course my car stereo
picks them all up with ease, (even when parked in the garage). Am I expecting too much from
a small radio? It comes at a premium price so my expectations are a little higher than usual.
AM performance does seem really good so I don't think it's the radio itself.


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