Re: Sangean Dt 400 FM Performance

Russ Edmunds <wb2bjh@...>

That has been my experience with the DT200vx and to only a slightly lesser degree the SRF59. Most of the ULR's seem to be much better on AM than FM, unfortunately for those of us who DX both AM & FM.

Russ Edmunds
Blue Bell, PA ( 360' ASL )
[15 mi NNW of Philadelphia]
40:08:45N; 75:16:04W, Grid FN20id

FM: Yamaha T-80 & Onkyo T-450RDS w/ APS9B @15'
AM: Modified Sony ICF 2010 barefoot

--- On Sat, 2/7/09, okmrbh wrote:
From: okmrbh
Subject: [ultralightdx] Sangean Dt 400 FM Performance
To: ultralightdx@...
Date: Saturday, February 7, 2009, 6:59 PM

Having just purchased a Sangean dt 400 based on the many positive reviews read here and
elsewhere, I'm a little surprised my it's FM performance. It seems to really struggle at picking
up anything but the strongest local FM signals.

My Eton E5, while a little bigger, grabbed most of the stations and of course my car stereo
picks them all up with ease, (even when parked in the garage). Am I expecting too much from
a small radio? It comes at a premium price so my expectations are a little higher than usual.
AM performance does seem really good so I don't think it's the radio itself.


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