Re: Ferrite loopstick vs FSL--spacing the windings?

Steve Ratzlaff

Hi Ray,
My experiments several years ago indicated that the low end of MW was enhanced with the wire right on the rod, and high end enhanced with some spacing from the rod--for the basic single-rod loopstick.
For the FSL, all frequencies were enhanced with some spacing from the rods.
But if you're so inclined, you should do your own experiments, and if you do, please report the results here.

On 2/11/2015 3:28 PM, Phillips phillicom@... [ultralightdx] wrote:

Construction notes for FSL antennas say that the winding needs to be spaced 6-10mm away from the rods but 7.5" single rod loopstick construction notes have the winding much closer to the rod.

I am wondering if the performance of the single rod loopstick would be enhanced or diminished if the winding was spaced the same distance asthe FSL.

Anyone done any experiments with distance between a singlerod and windings and has results they would like to share?

I will conduct my own experiments if need be but if I don't need to reinvent the wheel I can go on to other things.

All the best,

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