Re: KDUN AM 1030

kevin asato <kc6pob@...>

I'd have to think about that definition.

KDUN's transmitter location is inland along a river that empties into the Pacific.

KNX (1070) would then qualify as a coastal transmitter even though it is located about 5 miles inland. The transmitter site is sited in the city of Torrance that does have about a 1 mile stretch of beach miles to the south of it. KFI (640) would also qualify from a distance perspective even though it is several more miles inland. Neither receive propagation benefits from the Pacific and La Mirada (in the neighboring Orange County) is hardly a coastal city. Both ID as being from Los Angeles where the studios are located.

Then again, what of the tower site for KNBR, San Francisco? It is located on swampland in the Bay near Belmont/Redwood Shores (37.546944,-122.233611). As the crow flies, it is probably within 60 miles of the Pacific but propagation wise, it benefits from its location in the tidal area of San Francisco Bay.

I think you are getting too precise with your definition. Despite being located along inland bodies of water, Portland and Seattle are still regarded as West Coast cities.

Kevin:   When I said the west coast I was meaning
right on the Pacific Ocean.   Portland, Seattle, Vancouver
are all 60 to 80 miles from the coast and all have 50 KW
Here, on
central Vancouver Island, receiving a  630 Watt signal from
Reedsport  a distance of about 450 miles would be all but
impossible.  I was surprised that Reedsport had a 50 KW
station as it is a very small town.  

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