Re: KDUN AM 1030

kevin asato <kc6pob@...>

wiki confirms 630 watts at night.
KIRO in Seattle (710KHz) is supposedly 50KW D/N but i have KSPN (710KHz) in Los Angeles to contend with.

I have noticed over the last week that KDUN  AM
1030  from Reedsport Oregon has not been turning down its
50 KW daytime power at sunset.   The feed would appear to
be totally computer controlled as it is plagued with
constant audio dropouts.  
For those ultra light DXers with
more modest goals this is the only station I know of that is
on the west coast north of  KGO 810 that is using 50 KW at
night .  My information is probably old but it shows a
night time power of 630 Watts.  

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