ULR SW logs..

Dan Sheedy <wpe6bvt@...>

a couple of semi-tough relogs this morning, watching the moon set through the fog..
4750 Bangladesh Betar 1444-1506+ 5 Feb. Over usually dominant CNR1 (Hailar) w/ Bengali chat, quick ID @ :56, into religious-sounding speech/commentary across TOH.
4930 VOA (Selebi-Phikwe) 1547+ 5 Feb. Brief pop-up w/ Larry London's music programme //15580..LP Botswana is always a treat.
9390 unID [good chance this is IBRA Radio (Tashkent), however] 1523 5 Feb. Loud w/ Bollywood tunes & Bengali chat, off @ 1530 recheck--sked 15-1530 daily, so worth a longer listen the next couple days.
13800 R. Tamazuj/unID 1503-20 5 Feb. RT rolling along in Sudanese/AR w/ someone underneath playing SAs style hymns (unID closing @ :20)..based on the :20 s/off (& excepting the hymns), i'd suspect VOIRI-13790 (Hindi 1420-1520) with a punch-up error..something else to listen for this week.
thassit from the beach..good listening to all..

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