Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 2-5

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
Asian signals had a tough time getting untracked this morning, but during sunrise enhancement one of the usual die-hards rose up with good signals for about 3 minutes.
At my 1430 start time there were a few ghostly signals in and out on 594, 738, 747, 972 and 1566, but none of these could build up enough steam to manage threshold audio for more than a few seconds at a time. This lackluster situation continued right up until 1505, when it seemed like none of the Asians would come through with a vibrant signal all morning long. Finally around 1512 the Korean big gun 1566-HLAZ started to break into the clear with fair signals during its Chinese Christian program, reaching a few good peaks with a Chinese male song from 1518-1521. That was pretty much the story for a mediocre morning, as even HLAZ bailed early around 1525.
1566  HLAZ   Jeju, S. Korea   Chinese Christian song at a temporary good level at 1519; only decent Asian signal of the morning
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight +
15" FSL antenna

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