Re: Has anyone used a component tuner for AM DXing?

Russ Edmunds

The McKay Dymek antennas and tuners were built for broad lack of selectivity. They were designed for hi fi reception of
AM and concentrated more on sensitivity than selectivity. If you want an indoor loop antenna for DX, go for the Quantum.

Russ Edmunds
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AM: Modified Sony ICF2010's (2) barefoot w/whip
FM: Yamaha T-80 & T-85, each w/ Conrad RDS Decoder;
Onkyo T-450RDS; Tecsun PL-310 ( 2);
modified Sony ICF2010 w/APS9B @ 15';
Grundig G8 w/whip; modified Sony ICF2010 w/whip

On Thu, Feb 5, 2015 at 8:46 AM, Neil Goldstein neilgoldstein@... [ultralightdx] <ultralightdx@...> wrote:

I know as a kid in the seventies, my other young audiophile friends thought it was weird when I had an AM antenna hooked up to my various receivers.  I agree with the thread here that most are too broad for serious DXing, but a couple were very nice sounding with a strong signal, and there were a few NYC stations that I would listen to as well as the local Kingston station WKNY.  

The Sonys I had were usually bad, as were the Kenwoods, but my older Pioneer SX receivers always had nice AM.  Later on I had a Yamaha component tuner that was very impressive, but locked to 10 Khz tuning.  The best performing AM-capable receiver I ever owned though was an old Fisher tube receiver.  I wish I still had that one.

I think what I always wanted in the "stack" with the rest of the components was a McKay-Dymek DR-33.  Maybe someday I'll splurge on a clean used one.  They still command a pretty hefty price.

Great topic!

Neil Goldstein  W2NDG

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