Re: Has anyone used a component tuner for AM DXing?

Neil Goldstein

I know as a kid in the seventies, my other young audiophile friends thought it was weird when I had an AM antenna hooked up to my various receivers.  I agree with the thread here that most are too broad for serious DXing, but a couple were very nice sounding with a strong signal, and there were a few NYC stations that I would listen to as well as the local Kingston station WKNY.  

The Sonys I had were usually bad, as were the Kenwoods, but my older Pioneer SX receivers always had nice AM.  Later on I had a Yamaha component tuner that was very impressive, but locked to 10 Khz tuning.  The best performing AM-capable receiver I ever owned though was an old Fisher tube receiver.  I wish I still had that one.

I think what I always wanted in the "stack" with the rest of the components was a McKay-Dymek DR-33.  Maybe someday I'll splurge on a clean used one.  They still command a pretty hefty price.

Great topic!

Neil Goldstein  W2NDG

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