Project - Storage Clipboard Ultralight DXing Carry Case

Paul Blundell

Project - Storage Clipboard Ultralight DXing Carry Case

Over the past 18 months to 2 years I have tried a few different ways of carrying my Ultralight DXing radios and associated equipment. I firstly started off using a ABS type carry case, this worked really well and provided excellent protection to my radios, being large, heavy and standing out meant that it really went against the whole "ultralight dxing" idea and purpose. I also found that due to its size I didn't carry it with me that often.

Next I tried a digital SLR camera bag, this was much lighter and meant that I didn't stand out anywhere near as much; I just looked like another photographer or tourist. I was fairly happy with this but found that it didn't provide good protection to my 7.5" Loopstick equipped Tecsun PL-380 radio; the last thing I wanted was to break this...

In March last year I found a bag which was suitable size wise, with some modifications I came up with my "DIY Stealth Ultralight DXing Bag" (, with some changes after using it I was to the point that I was happy with it, the only issue being it meant  that I had to carry another bag with me, sometimes this was not always possible. 

Late last year I was shopping at our local Shiploads when I came across a case which I thought would solve my problems, it was big enough to hold my radios and would easily fit inside my normal backpack. ( I have used this for the past couple of months and was happy with it, the only issue being that I couldn't fit any notes / information sheets inside it and the top was not flat so it was not a good writing   surface.

Recently I was at our local Bunnings store, I was browsing when I noticed this, ( which is designed for tradesmen and others to keep paper work together while on the road or at a job site. This looked to be a good size and had a good writing surface; I thought the internal size would be big enough for my two ultralight radios but was not 100% sure. I kept this in the back of my mind and was hoping to get back one day and measure this up.

Earlier this week I took our daughter for a walk, I had my Ultralight DXing radios with me so decided to walk over to Bunnings (over 7.5km return pushing a pram) to see if they would fit. I did A quick check in the store and it looked to be a close fit if I could remove the middle internal clipboard section. Based on this I purchased it.

Over the past two nights I have worked on this and I am now very happy to present the finished product. 

The general work log was:

- Remove middle internal clipboard section (I did this by removing the hinge pins enough to get it out)

- Remove the plastic container from my stealth ultralight dxing bag and repurpose this to hold my 7.5" Loopstick equipped Tecsun PL-380 in the clipboard storage area.

- Attach the plastic container using four bolts.

- Attach some bubble wrap to the front of this which also folds over to protect the top of the aerial bar

- Sort all my parts and accessories and put these in the case

- Put my Digitech AR-1733 in its case which sits above the Tecsun PL-380

- Add my sticker to the front :)

- Add some bubble wrap to the back to cover the bolts and make it sit on my lap better

- Add a rubber band to help keep it closed during transport

I have not had a chance to use this for a portable Ultralight DXing session as yet but I think it will work well; it covers all my needs of:

- Not standing out

- Protecting my radios

- Having a good writing surface

For $20 plus a few hours work I am very happy with how it has turned out.


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