NEW STATION Logged ULR # 1083 …..700 KHSE Wylie, TEXAS!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Thanks to a Monster DX Tip from Harold Frodge in Michigan and the MARE Tip List….I have just added ULR Station # 1083 to the AM BCB Log!! This was coming in so strong, there was no sign of WLW at all!!

Thanks to Harold for alerting me to this. The Power for both their DAYTIME and NIGHTIME Signals is small….so no matter which power they were using…this is a Great catch!! Perhaps their Daytime Pattern favours the North East more than the Night Time pattern??

Either way..I'm glad to add it to the ULR Log!!


73…..ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

700 KHSE Radio Libertad Wylie, TEXAS Jan/12/15 1823-1845 EST SPANISH GD-VG
Male speaking Spanish @ 1823 EST Tune In. Reading Phone #'s. Female also spoke and read some
Numbers. Instrumental Music @ 1831 EST. Mention "Salvation" ID as "Radio Libertad" by Male
DJ @ 1832 EST. Possible Spanish Religion Talk?? Another Radio Libertad ID @ 1834 EST.
Instrumental Music @ 1834 EST.
Local Carpet Cleaning Ad @ 1834 EST. Radio Libertad ID @ 1835 EST.
More Spanish Talk with Instrumental Interludes and Radio Libertad IDs til 1845 EST. Not
Heard after 1845 EST…so perhaps switched Power or Pattern @ 1845 EST??

NEW STATION ULR # 1083 Logged 1079 Miles!! 1500 Watts Days/ 920 Watts Nights

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