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Where are you located?
eastern mediterranean as stated in first email

RTE - do you mean Spain (still on MW)
No, I think Spain is REE Radio Espana Exterior or something like that. They
cancelled their SW program but were swamped with letters and went back on
the air.

I meant RTE as in Ireland

watch the link for any line wrap. This was hotly debated and enough people
kicked and screamed so RTE on LW got a stay of execution. Anyway was never
able to log it.

My PL380 still does its best - but the good times, they are fading...
More DXing possibilities for us I guess but many people's favorite programs
are going away and that is very sad.

It is interesting that of several LW and SW stations threatening to shut
down and one actually having shut down complaints from listeners and
organized campaigns were enough to bring them back or keep them going.

I think it shows people need to be in touch with the stations they enjoy
listening to and if enough people want them to stay there is a chance they
might. I think many are surprised how many listeners they have since other
than people contacting them they have no way of knowing if anybody is there
at all.

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