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Gary DeBock

Hello Broonsangle123 (and Rinus),
Every variable capacitor has two sections-- rotor plates (which are the ones that move, when you turn the shaft) and stator plates (which stay in place, and are connected to the variable cap chassis). You need to connect one side of the FSL coil to the rotor plates, and the other side of the FSL coil to the stator plates.
To accomplish this, connect one of the crocodile clips to the variable cap chassis, and the other clip to one of the terminals at the base of the variable cap (most of these terminals are connected to the rotor plates). If the first terminal doesn't make the FSL work properly try another one, until you have success. Also, keep in mind that the FSL antenna tunes much more sharply than an air core loop, making it a little tricky for beginners to know when they have the FSL's tuned frequency actually matched up with the receiver frequency. You can refer to the full FSL operating instructions posted at if you need additional guidance.
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Last year or the year before Graham Maynard kindly made me an fsl antenna as I am no good with my hands due to arthritis, have had no chance to use because of various circumstances. both wires are fitted with crocodile clips but where do I attatch them on the variable capacitor,help would be appreciated as I am technically very inept!!!!

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