Re: LW and MW in Europe

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

What's on LW and MW in the UK proper these days?

LW, AM pages:



There are still quite a few MW transmitters, both BBC and independent
operating in the UK, but their future is uncertain as the beancounters
are pushing hard for most to move to DAB (later to DAB+), even though
propagation and coverage are very patchy. Radio 4 is still on 198kHz,
but there are rumours that its days are numbered. Even FM is under
pressure to move to DAB. So dx has an uncertain future.

I do wonder if government has plans for emergency coverage in the event
of a major outage, whether technical, solar or man-made. Most people would
have a portable or car radio which would receive, say, 909 or 693kHz
(currently Radio 5) from a few key transmitters. (198kH would provide
better coverage, but few radios still have longwave.)

In SW England I can receive France-Info on MW at night and
France-Inter, Europe-1 and RTL on LW almost all the time. Spanish on MW is variable,
Italian even more so. Deutschlandfunk will remain on 549, 756, 1269, 1422 kHz for
a while yet. Most other German MW transmitters are gone or going.

As stated, I am mainly interested in programmes I can enjoy. I occasionally twiddle for
swishes of dx from Nocomprendostan. Methinks I may have to learn Chinese and Arabic
and go back to what's left on SW :-) Of course, I can listen to European stations
via webradio and satellite, but it just ain't the same...

I can recommend Herman's detailed listings. You might find some UK frequencies are
becoming audible with the progressive close-down of continental European

Herman, do you have any information on the future of French MW and LW


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