Re: LW and MW in Europe

Marc Coevoet

Op 11-01-15 om 22:58 schreef keith1226@... [ultralightdx]:
That's too bad, Michael. I heard BBC 4 on 198 from Ostende/Oostende,
Belgium in 1997, my first (and now probably last) time hearing
broadcasts on the band, unless I manage to get over to Europe in the
next year or two.

Listening for navigational beacons on the band here in N. America is
interesting at times, but not at all the same.

What's on LW and MW in the UK proper these days?
As I wrote ...

Long wave:

Most of the French stations will be heard in the UK, and suerely at night ...

I can fetch RTL 234khz at the Spanish border on the Atlantic, in Hendaye/Biaritz...

LW, AM pages:

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