Re: [IRCA] Tecsun DR-910-- Another AM-DX Turkey from Tecsun

Gary DeBock

     A tunable loop antenna (when tuned properly) will add an extra tuned circuit on the frequency of the Mini 300, helping not only to boost the signal, but also filter out whistles and images.  The degree of signal enhancement usually is related to the quality of the loopstick (and circuitry) of the Ultralight radio--  the smaller the radio, the bigger the boost, in most cases.
     The new Slider E100's are basically E100's with a built-in tunable loop system, enabling them to boost signals (and filter out images and spurs) by themselves.  This is a primary reason for their effectiveness.
     73,  Gary  
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If I pull up the antenna on AM, I get them, using a tuneable  loop I do not. That is curious.  but it's a cheapie. I'm bad about moving it and accidentally turning the alarm on.


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>      The Mini 300 alignment will not cure the whistles,
> and other stuff you
> get at night.  Only a higher quality radio  will solve
> those problems.

>      73,  Gary

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