Re: Tecsun DR-910-- Another AM-DX Turkey from Tecsun

Gary DeBock

Hi Stephan,
     Thanks for your opinion of the Tecsun DR-910, and the additional information, which is appreciated.
     Besides having the same manufacturer as the E100, the DR-910's width, height, thickness, whip antenna, wrist strap and color are identical to that of the E100.  The recessed side panels are also identical. So, a casual observer could certainly conclude that it has more than a passing resemblance to the higher quality E100 model :>)
     73,  Gary DeBock
In a message dated 2/4/2009 12:35:46 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, sgrossklass@... writes:

--- In, D1028Gary@... wrote:
> Far from having anything to do with the Eton E100, the Tecsun
DR-910 is
> actually a "Mini 300" in an E100 cabinet.

This set, with FM stereo added, used to be available as Grundig G1000A.
PWBR noted buzzing on MW and lower SW, probably shielding = zilch.

Doesn't look all that E100-esque to me though. OK, you see that it's
from the same manufacturer as the PL200, but still there are plenty
of optical differences left.


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