Tecsun DR-910-- Another AM-DX Turkey from Tecsun

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     A second Gobbler has checked in for the 2009 Ultralight AM-DX Shootout. 
     Seeing the eBay listing for the Chinese-market DR-910 (with the E100-styled cabinet and multiple features), I unwisely ordered a model from the Hong Kong-based seller "dpmega," at a cost of $27.90 plus $9.00 shipping.  After waiting 13 days, my package arrived here in Washington state.
     Far from having anything to do with the Eton E100, the Tecsun DR-910 is actually a "Mini 300" in an E100 cabinet.  In an impressive display of creative trickery, Tecsun has succeeded in transplanting a Turkey chassis into a DX eagle's cabinet, right down to the comical (jittery) tuning display.  AM reception is identical to my recently aligned Mini 300 Turkey, providing new challenges in receiving the Seattle suburban stations like KCIS-630.  This radio's tuning display has resolution down to 500 Hz on AM, a total farce considering that its sensitivity and selectivity preclude any hope of serious DX. 
    By the way, the alignment procedure on the Mini 300 is now available on request, for those deluded DXers convinced (like I was) that alignment is the cure for their horribly-performing Mini 300.  (It isn't!)
     73,  Gary DeBock

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