Re: Pl 360 no audio


I love my digital  Tecsun radios and I have a lot of them but unfortunately they do have a reletively high failure rate where they do something completely different than what the controls are set for. Some years ago I took my PL-360 with the two Loop Stick antennae Gary made for me to the coast of Maine, and no matter what I did I could not switch  the radio to LW. No problem after I got home though. I bought a second PL-600 and CR-1100 because they shut off or turn them selves on all by them selves. Some times they fix them selves for awhile, and other times the  digital Tecsun just dies never to work again. My newer PL-310ETM only tunes with ETM or from the Memory for awhile now. It will not tune to the next frequency. Since you have the larger ferrite antennae, I'd consiter  getting a couple more PL-360 radios to go with them. - FARMERIK

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