Re: Question for Radio Jay Allen or anyone else who knows...


I read some reports which said the PR-D15 was less sensitive than the PR-D5 but my sample was just as hot...the difference is that the PR-D15 sometimes had some issues where soft muting reduced the volume of some signals, but I didn't' find that a deal killer for me...overall I would prefer the PR-D15 over the PR-D5 because of its 1KHz Tuning steps, slightly improved FM selectivity and slightly improved audio, plus a nicer handle.

I have more details on the website.

The SRIII has far, far better audio, albeit mono, but yes, quality control is a big issue with these and AM has a slightly higher noise floor than the SRI or SRII...better to snag a nice used SRI or SR II on eBay...they are usually quite reliable as found. FM on the SR's is not very selective though.


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