Pl 360 no audio


Hey folks, I tried this before but it was under someone else's topic. Not sure if it was flat missed, or if no one has any info about it. I thought I would give it one more try before I gave up. 

I have been meaning for sometime to consult the collective wisdom of the group on an issue that I have with my PL-360. I remember reading that several members of the group got this radio. I am hoping that maybe someone had the below problem and figured out how to fix it!

I have had the PL-360 for what seems like a couple of years now. Gary helped me out by making up both a MW and LW 7.5" Amidon antennas for the radio. I don't listen to it that often due to lack of time, but have had many hours of enjoyment using both of the antennas over the years that I have had it.

Until just recently that is. One day a few weeks ago I tried to use the radio, but,  I now have no audio out of the thing. Neither through the speaker nor  any of several sets of headphones through the earphone jack. It is clearly tuning. It gets many stations and the signal strength and noise meters work fine. In fact everything seems to be working just fine... except one. No audio!

I have made sure that I have fully charged batteries in it...and used good quality alkaline batteries. I have cleaned the jack using deoxit (used  a headphone mini plug and worked around the jack many times).

Still no audio. I have let it sit with no batteries in it for days and retried.. to no good effect!

Is there a master reset somewhere that I could try resetting the microprocessor with?

Does anyone have any suggestions for additional troubleshooting or repair steps. OR, is it just time to get a new one?

Thanks for any and all advice or suggestions!!,


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