Re: Pictures of AR1733

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Very interesting to compare the jpgs of both!
It does indeed look as though the AR 1377 begat the Skywave.

Great, but why-oh-why do they not include the
simplest and cheapest mod which will greatly
improve AM reception - ie make the ferrite
as long as the case width allows ???

The telescopic aerial could be mounted so as
to maximise this..


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. . .
My guess is that C.Crane took the AR1733 model as a starting point
(since it was made by China's Redsun Company, with whom C.Crane
had a long-term relationship) and redesigned the AR1733's RF and
Digital boards to create a custom "Skywave" radio incorporating
the new Si4736 DSP chip. . . .

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