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Gary DeBock

Hi Marc,
Thanks for posting the photos of the AR1733's internal circuit boards (RF and Digital boards).
But if you look at the photo of the front of the CC Skywave's RF board (posted at
and the back of the Skywave's Digital board (posted at
you will notice quite a few minor differences from the circuitry in the AR1733 photos that you posted.
My guess is that C.Crane took the AR1733 model as a starting point (since it was made by China's Redsun Company, with whom C.Crane had a long-term relationship) and redesigned the AR1733's RF and Digital boards to create a custom "Skywave" radio incorporating the new Si4736 DSP chip. Although the "Skywave" model is also made in China (presumably by Redsun), it has the C.Crane name and Revision number stamped on the circuit boards, making it seem likely that it is a custom C.Crane project taking advantage of China's lower manufacturing costs. The high retail cost of the "Skywave" is probably related to the fact that C.Crane needed to invest some significant $$ in designing and creating this custom portable, which is a far riskier project than simply rebranding existing Redsun models with its C.Crane name (as it did with the RP-300/ C.Crane SWP model, and many other portables).
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Better now,

Look how they resemble the ... CCrane radio!

I would love to hear Dr Gary's reaction!


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