Question for Radio Jay Allen or anyone else who knows...



I have been reading the articles on your site shootout trying to decide
which portable to get next for MW DXing. Am I reading you correctly that the
Superadio III is just too hit or miss to be a good candidate?

I'm also confused by what I'm reading on the Sangean PR-D5 and PR-D15.
Everybody seems to agree the 1 KHz steps on the D15 are helpful but I
believe you had discussed comments and I read other places that maybe the
D15's sensitivity is slightly down relative to the D5. It looks like you
are saying those impressions are likely to be incorrect and that you don't
believe Sangean's Q/C would allow that much variability in sample to
sample differences but instead maybe people just didn't test enough. Did I
understand your comments correctly?

Of these three radios if sensitivity uberalles is the main factor which one
would you suggest if somebody can only by one? And how would you rank them?

Thanks for the help and happy new year to everyone.

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