Re: CC Skywave Vs. Tecsun PL-380-- MW Daytime DX Fight to the Finish


On Mon, Dec 29, 2014 at 09:54:41AM -0000, 'Michael' michael.setaazul@... [ultralightdx] wrote:
I sense that we may be at the crest of what this family of Si chips can achieve.
For aficionados outside the obvious target area, the lack of LW is a serious
disappointment, and the addition of US weather channels is not relevant.
I agree LW coverage missing is disappointing but LW performance with a short
stick doesn't really seem worth pursuing unless you live in an area with LW
broadcasts. I mean to say LW DXing with these radios is poor unless you go
to a super he-man Gary type of back to the future antenna. If you do live in
a place where there is LW broadcast coverage that would explain the lack of
interest in NOAA coverage ;-)

If I were back home I would be very glad to have NOAA coverage on ANY
portable because this information can be life saving in most of the country
since various serious storms can pop up. And I wouldn't be the least bit
interested in LW coverage in a micro portable. Crane is in America and
doubtless most of their radios are sold domestically.

A lot of people buy atomic clocks and watches. I have no interest in those
because there is no signal here. Everything depends on the target market.

In marginal situations, the improvements in AM reception doubtless explain
the price-tag.
I doubt that very much. There aren't enough MW DXers to justify putting out
a specialty radio that's marginally better on AM specifically for DXing. I
would bet money the vast majority of these are sold to outdoor people like
campers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, generic woods bums etc. and those
groups outnumber radio hobbyists by many orders of magnitude in America.

When the PL-310 and 380 came out they were also expensive. Crane radios are
always more costly than comparable Tecsun models. Perhaps the Crane will
move to a more reasonable price but R&D is expensive and Crane wants a
premium product reputation and those things mean they have to charge more.

The longer ferrite is valuable, but reproducible as mods to earlier
models, such as the PL380.
But how long is the ferrite in the newer PL-310? And does that radio do better
against the Skywave or are other factors still in control (new chip, etc.)

Most people are not capable or motivated to make the kind of comparisons and
multi-radioo slugfests Gary has been doing. Most people are going to choose
a radio based on cost and marketing info and what few reviews they might
happen to see, and a better product does not automatically mean people are
going to pay a big premium for it. The hardcore people will, but that group
is very tiny.

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