Re: CC Skywave Vs. Tecsun PL-380-- MW Daytime DX Fight to the Finish [2 Attachments]

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Thanks for all the info on the new Skywave.

I sense that we may be at the crest of what this family of Si chips can achieve.
For aficionados outside the obvious target area, the lack of LW is a serious
disappointment, and the addition of US weather channels is not relevant.

In marginal situations, the improvements in AM reception doubtless explain the price-tag.
The longer ferrite is valuable, but reproducible as mods to earlier models, such as the PL380.

If I had the bench and the skills, I would love to experiment with the bare chip and produce
a "breadboard" 100kHz-30MHz bloated uldx receiver. But...

So for now, the PL380 remains my most favoured rx, with the modded AR1377 not far behind.


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CC Skywave Vs. Tecsun PL-380-- MW Daytime DX Fight to the Finish

With clear weather and lots of open space in our back yard, it was time for a full Shootout between
the Si4734-chip-powered Tecsun PL-380 and the new Si4736-chip-powered C.Crane Skywave portable. Both
stock models were checked out for normal operation before the contest, with new batteries and an
equal chance to receive six fringe MW stations just after local noon.

The new Skywave is significantly smaller than the Tecsun PL-380 (see attached photo), and at $89.95
(before shipping) costs about twice as much. The Tecsun PL-380 stock model was chosen for this
Shootout because it has become the favorite of Ultralight radio Transoceanic DXers, with a generous
range of functions combined with "toned down" soft mute. Its stock loopstick places it near the top
of the ULR class in sensitivity, and with DSP filtering doiwn to the 1 kHz level it provides fairly
representative performance of all the Tecsun Si4734 DSP chip Ultralights.
. . .
Verdict: The Si4736 DSP chip in the Skywave is a major improvement over the Si4734 chip in the
Tecsun DSP Ultralights. Although there may be some jokes about the Skywave's cost being "sky high,"
the radio seems to be everything claimed by C.Crane, at least in its MW performance. This model
should see a lot of action among Transoceanic MW DXers, where its superior audio and heterodyne-free
reception should make a significant difference in split-frequency results.

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