Re: My first 15 minutes with the CC Skywave

Stan Horzepa

Hi Jay,

WLNG is still stuck in the 1960s... just like me... thank, God!

I "discovered" WLNG while driving home from work and tuning across the FM band and hearing a voice from the past as the afternoon DJ. I thought it sounded like Rusty Potz, who I used to listen to on WPOP back in the 1960s, but I couldn't believe it was him still spinning records 50 years later. But it was him! I've been listening to WLNG ever since.

I live on top of Compounce Mountain (overlooking Lake Compounce) and on the opposite side of the valley I am line of sight with all the transmitters from West Peak in Meriden all the way up to Mount Tom in Springfield. I think I can receive WTIC without a radio if I grind my teeth the right way!

Thank you for the low-down on IBOC. I knew WTIC was the culprit on 1070, but I did not know why.

Stan, WA1LOU

On 12/27/14 8:43 AM, policow6@... [ultralightdx] wrote:


Your message hit me in two places so that I had to respond. First, I remember several years ago listening to WLNG on Connecticut's beaches and they were a real treat...broadcasting still in 1960's style with all the old PAMS jingles and Saturday morning I even heard a live emote from a local mom and pop hardware store...things you just don't hear on radio anymore. I loved it. Are they stilll formatted that way?

Secondly, I work at WTIC and I apologize for our IBOC I wish we could just turn that awful IBOC off...but I'm excited that the Skywave let you hear a DX target on 1070...awesome!

I'll tell you...IBOC sometimes causes me problems listening to our own station right here just outside Hartford. I live about 20 miles East of our transmitter site (which is in Avon, CT) and at night there is sometimes a subtle fading in some areas with swishing noises that are not there when the IBOC is turned off...this is something I've never heard reported about IBOC stations which can actually interfere with themselves when groundwave/skwave conditions are just so.


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