Christmas Score- a Tecsun PL-360


Merry Christmas all!

I received a PL-360 for Christmas to add to my stable of ULRs.  I'm naturally going to put it through its paces tonight.  I've always wanted to see how the external "mini-ferrite" antenna performs, especially to test how directional it might be.

Right now, I am at 926 ULR logs (I added WAAM 1600 from Ann Arbor MI just yesterday).  New logs have been hard to come by lately as the :aw of Diminishing Returns starts to kick in..  I would like to hit 950 stations by next Christmas.

I'm also interested to see how the PL-360 does on FM, to see if it might be serviceable for FM DX season for chasing skip when I'm away from the main radios.    

So far, my impressions overall are favorable.  My mother commented that it was the funniest looking radio she ever saw!

John Cereghin  WDX3IAO

Smyrna DE

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