Re: New Eton Satellit Shortwave Radio - Tom's YouTube Report


Look forward to your review, Jay.

Although I am not (yet) personally interested in this currently new unit, I do have interest in it from our local RF and all things related technology group here in East Tennessee, and I have promised to monitor reviews on this little receiver.


Also, Master Tom Stiles appears to be planning additional reviews as he has more experiences with the receiver.

I will say that I did have about 15 quiet minutes with the receiver down in Atlanta, and it did seem sensitive pro and con on AM and the daytime shortwave bands, but there seemed to be some build quality issues, the chuffing/muting issues, some matter of images on the AM and SW bands, and another interested party mentioned "it seems to suck" at FM work as well, but I formed no opinion at that time on its FM qualities.


Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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