New ULR stations, 12/23/14


Two new stations were heard on my SRF-T615 the past few days.

1060 kHz  XERDO, Reynosa, Tamps., Mexico, 7 kW @ 1182 km/735 mi.  Heard at 1204 UTC with musica grupo and frequent “Radio Raza” ID with an occasional “XERDO”.  Faded out under CKMX after 1313.

1060 kHz  KXPL, El Paso TX USA, 10 kW @ 978 km/608 mi.  Heard from 1317 with musica  and occasional “Radio El Paso - Juarez “ and “KXPL-AM” ID.  Audible until 1332 sign-on of KIJN.

Total ULR stations are 1047 (1034 barefoot).

Happy Christmas and good DX.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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