Re: New Eton Satellit Shortwave Radio - Tom's YouTube Report


On the antenna jack, when I initially tested it with my Wellbrook ALA330S during the day time I found exactly the same thing, but I would not say signals were reduced to "Zero"...they are merely attenuated. At night the radio overloadedĀ using this method but pushing the plug all the way in cleared things up.

I therefore think they have the proper amount of attenuation built into the Aux Ant jack for the SW sensitivity of this radio.

Also I find its AM sensitivity much better than the's as good on AM as the E5/G5 were which the G3 never matched. I don't believe it is a rebadged G3...there are too many differences.

I agree the muting sucks.

But this radio has many pros and cons,..I'll be posting a full review soon.


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