Re: Rech?- most directional ferrite


Stormwise sells pre wound 6.5 inch ferrite antennae for AM BCB. I thought of buying 4 and series parelel conecting them to one cap. I would have to experiment, but I thought I'd place one pair next to each other on each side about a foot apart. It would be a little pricey, but I don't have full use of my hands to wind my own coils. Anyway I decided to upgrade to a better isolation transformer this month  to block more noise in my house wiring.
 After I had my 'bright' idea I did find some one on line who wound two ferrite spaced apart like that and connected them to a single cap. They liked the result, but of course all experimenters favor there own projects. I got the idea because my Q-stick works along side an internal radio ferrite and also end to end with an internal radio ferrite antenna. So I am guessing each pair would help the one close to it and the wider stance of the other pair might make it more directional, that is, have a narrower beam for separating AM stations on the same frequency and not too many degees apart in direction. It's just an idea I could actually experiment with. No idea if it would work. So I thought I'd ask here. Maybe next months project, maybe not. - FARMERIK

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