PL606 beach logs..

Dan Sheedy <wpe6bvt@...>

Happy holidays from the beach..

here are a few of the better catches from Moonlight Beach, CA--mostly PL606 'barefoot' but a couple using the 6m X wire alli-clipped to the '606 whip..

5985 Myanma Radio (Yangon) 1455-1545+ 12-17 Dec. Burmese pop, W DJ, what sounds like "Myanma Radio" jingles, EG programme starts @ 1530 w/ chimes, "Good evening dear/our (?) listeners..this is Myanma Radio, 5985 kiloHertz, 51.3 Metres..", into news headlines/details, weather (partly cloudy in Naypyidaw on the 17th), review of main points & "that is the end of the news from Myanma Radio..", followed by PSAs for National Solidarity & children's health..poor-fair 'barefoot' & fair-decent w/ the X wire.

6095 KBC (via Nauen) 1438-1500 fade 13, 14, 20, 21 Dec. Very pleased to catch KBC's European shows the past 2 weekends--oldies (Elvis, Eagles, Hollies, Beatles, Richie Valens) mostly readable, but the DJs' chat was mostly imaginary thanks to severe ACI from KCBS-6100..this is one of the '6m X wire' logs--altho KBC is audible w/ just the whip, it's 'way too sketchy to get much detail (the narrow window for the receptions is also a factor..fade-in 1435 @ the earliest & just a happy memory by 1500).

6280 SOH 1430+ 20, 21 Dec. "Usual" CH news/chat //9200--& no CNR1 jammers on either QRG.

7200.1 Myanma Radio (Yangon) 1427-1500+ 12-17 Dec. Fair signal but QRhaM + rumbly het from (p) Libya after 1430..nice BU MoR songs w/ lots of trumpet/percussion, M/W DJs chatting w/ occ. Myanma mentions..sked to 1500*, but does run late on occasion (:05 16 Dec., :28 18 Dec.)

7570 VoK (Kujang) 1510+ 16 Dec. Pyongyang's EG broadcast w/ "news"/commentary // 11710..sounds somewhat similar in tone (& reliability) to Brother Stair who's on 7570 22-10 UT most days.

9460 CRI (Urumqi) 1429+ 21 Dec. "Roundtable" programme on Easy FM //13740..

11735 RTZ (Dole) *1456-1550+ 17-19 Dec. Opens w/ march (NA?), 3+1 pips, news, brief Qur'an recitations, listeners' calls & some very nice local music (taarab/mitindo are a couple kinds per a quick Wiki check), ad string @ :50 on the 19th & 1 w/ an EG tag "---The Right Choice".

15140 RSO Missing 19, 20 Dec. @ 1415, 1510 checks, but, not to worry, heard 1504 21 Dec. during their AR programme.

15550 R. Tamazuj (via SMG) *1500+ 19 Dec. Opening @ sked time today, unlike the 18th when they goofed off until 1528..always a fine signal here & //13800 (Talata-Volonondry) but not in synch.

CFRX has been sliding in the past few days after 0600, which is nice (i'll do my best to get enough info for a reasonable rpt this coming week----or fall asleep trying)

Best wishes of the holiday season, happy Winter Solstice, & good listening to the ULR crew fromĀ  33'2" N 117'17" W.


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