Re: C.Crane Skywave Ultralight Radio-- First Impressions on MW


I've always been a bit puzzled why your opinion of the AR-1733 is so much better than mine. Your statement that you own 3 of them prompts me to post again.

I ordered one from Australia months ago (it took a month to arrive in the US via "airmail") and after unboxing I went straight to the MW band. My first benchmark is a daytime fringe area station and I was astonished to find that it was barely audible with the volume set at maximum (even with headphones). It was so unexpected that I kept poring over the manual and menus to see if there was a DX/Local signal attenuator setting that I had missed and need to disable. No such luck. The AR1733 has been sitting, in the box on the shelf, ever since.

Strangely I had a remarkably similar experience with the first production run of the CCrane AM/FM pocket radio which also claims "DSP" functions. In that case the problem was a poorly designed AGC algorithm which, to their credit, CCrane fixed on the second production run and swapped a new one for me. I was so interested in the Skywave that I wrote to Ccrane and pointed out the deficiencies of the AR-1733. They assured me that they were well aware of those issues and that the Syywave's circuit design was completely redesigned to address such performance issues.

I now have the Skywave and compared them side by side. The difference in this area is truly like night and day.

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