Re: C.Crane Skywave Ultralight Radio-- First Impressions on MW

Paul Blundell

I am a big fan of the AR1733, I have had three now and love them. Following on from my previous MOD attachment for LEGO Technic set 42030 I have just finished my next attachment, a grabbing claw.

This attachment is normally used in forestry type work but can also be used for general lifting and loading. I spent about 5 hours over a few days working on this, the most amount of time was on testing the claw to get the opening and closing working correctly. I have used the same mounting points as the standard bucket and my other attachment which can be easily swapped over as needed.

A photo:

A Video and more photos: Pauls Technic: LEGO Technic 42030 - MOD Grabbing Claw


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