Re: Shortwave Broadcast Lookup

Guy Atkins

The SWSKEDS Yahoo Group is exactly the one I was going to recommend. Dan's up-to-date XLS database is the product of years of refining, and he keeps it very current.

Also, I like Daniel Sampson's "Prime Time Shortwave" for English language transmissions:  Prime Time Shortwave - Your guide for English shortwave broadcasts

There are also apps for smartphones; the one on my Android phone is called "Shortwave Schedules".


Guy Atkins
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>I have just started having a listen to the shortwave bands on my PL380 and AR1733, I have found a few frequencies in use and have worked out who they are from listening to them. For those frequencies which are not in English I have tried searching online but cant find much current information.
>For those members who listen to the shortwave bands, what resources do you use to find out the users of each frequency?

Best I've found is

Dan Ferguson's
Combined SWBC skeds (Aoki/EiBi/HFCC/others):



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