30 Nov/1 Dec. ULR SW logs..

Dan Sheedy <wpe6bvt@...>

Happy December to all & thanks to Paul for the kinds words about what i've been hearing lately..a good, mostly noise-free location (with a semi-spectacular ocean view) & the PL606 are a nice combo (occasionally patience & imagination help, too)..

7465 (Kranji)/17640 (Ascension) BBC 1635+ 30 Nov. Sat back & enjoyed play-by-play of the Tottenham/Everton match.
15420 BBC (Meyerton) 1545+ 2 Dec. Sports news w/ feature on the Trinidad/Tobago women's soccer team getting close to qualifying for the World Cup, weak w/ //7465 much better. 

15940/15970 CNR1 1553-1600* 30 Nov. Jamming SOH here, on 7385 echo-jamming RTI, & 7570 jamming VOA (after 1600) + regular sked on 7305/7365.

13810 RTI (Issoudun) 1641-1657* 30 Nov. EG with closing ID..Aoki says jammed, but it sure doesn't sounds like it.

11517 VoT (Dushanbe-Yangiyul) 1435-1500* 1 Dec. Site presumed & apparently an alternate freq. to 11512..TB chat w/ nice musical interludes..CNR1 jammer only a vy weak carrier on 11510 @ 1435 but much stronger by 1455 (just in time to close @ 1500 with a flourish), 1439+ 2 Dec. as well, so perhaps this is a "permanent" freq. change? CNR1-11510 jammer much stronger today, but just as ineffectual.

**11530 RP (Islamabad) 1435-1500* 28 Nov. Thanks to Ivo Ivanov's info on the HC-DX site, my unID seems to be Pakistan--seriously disturbed audio/wobbly carrier..recheck 1442-1500* 1 Dec. found much cleaner audio but modulation still very sub-par..occ. Urdu words & some songs made it through..sked 1330-1530 & irregular @ best, but still a treat to hear..2 Dec. RP only "imaginary-level" audio @ 1440 check.

11635 TWR-India (Yerevan-Gavar) 1503-30* 1 Dec. Chat & "sub-continental" style hymn-y tunes, Post Box #s for listener comments @ :15, more chat & slightly more "Bollywood" style tunes to BOH w/ TWR website/POB in Maharashtra, music box IS & off..sked in Gamit 1500-1515, Mouchi 1515-1530 on Mondays & Urdu 1530-1600, but unless they started the Urdu programme pretty late, it wasn't on today.

15580 VOA (Selebi-Phikwe) 1539+ 1 Dec., 1532+ 2 Dec. Listeners' requests (including MC Hammer "Can't Touch This", Britney Spears, Taylor Swift) during Larry London's music show..sked 14-16 & usually puts in a nice signal daily..also hearing (in a wishful thinking sort of way) VOA (Selebi-Phikwe) on 4930 in // (even with the PL606 hooked to the 6m Xwire, the signal is extremely marginal @ best), still, the possibility of a ULR logging of a 60M African via LP is intriguing.
Hope everyone has a fine week..good listening, y'all..


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