ULTRALIGHT DX....New Station WAPI 1070 Birmingham...Thanks Barry McLarnon Tip!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Thanks to a Tip from Barry McLarnon, that 1070 WAPI Birmingham Alabama was on Day Power/Pattern I have just added a NEW STATION to the ULR Log!!!

Radio Used was......SONY SRF-T615 with 2 1/2 Foot Homebrew Tunable Box Loop.

ULR LOG TOTALS are now.........628 Stations Heard.

1070 WAPI Birmingham, ALABAMA Feb/02/09 2028 EST EE FAIR
Heard in CHOK NULL. Geico Ad @ 2028 EST. Bose Wave Ad @ 2029.
Tone @ 2030 EST. Into Talk Show @ 2030-38. Dell Computer Ad @ 2038.
Spot for Alabama National Guard. @ 2039.
ID by Male DJ @ 2039 EST as "Alabama's BIG TALK 1070 WAPI".
Back to Talk Show @ 2030 EST.

RELOG...But NEW to ULR # 628 50/5 KW


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
London, Ontario CANADA

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