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Gary DeBock

Hi Dianne,
     Thank you for your post, and welcome to the Ultralight Radio enthusiast group!  Allen is indeed famous in the group, dominating the Trans-Atlantic DXing records with his skill, and propagation knowledge. Although Allen was a very successful DXer prior to discovering Ultralight radios, his success with the tiny Sony SRF-M37V has been legendary.  I'm happy to have played a small part in Allen's current addiction, along with John Bryant, my co-conspirator. 
     Please feel free to join in our Ultralight DX activities, and awards program.  You certainly have the ideal location, and ideal teacher!
     73,  Gary DeBock
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dianne_froude wrote:
> Just joined this group but have been listening to ultra light radio for
> oer a year now.... My significant other is Allen Willie who is VERY
> well known within this group and for me it was a matter of joining him
> at his favorite hobby or getting a divorce....
> Joining this group was
> I have however found it fascinating and have logged 54 stations in the
> past month and still trying to reach 100 ......
> Dianne

Hi Dianne...and welcome to the ULR Group!!! Good work on the 54 Stations
Logged already!!! Don't forget to submit for your 100 Stations Heard
Award just as soon as you hit that Milestone!! Get Alan to share some of
his DXing Secrets and Tips with you....and I'm sure you'll be chasing
him in the Countries Logged Totals before long!!

My wife tolerates my Radio Insanity....but she's not about to strap on
the Headphones any time soon!! AHHAHHAHA....

Nice to have a Young Lady in the group!! We look forward to hearing of
your DXPloits as you move up the ULR DX Ladder!!!!

Good for you for your "Joining 'em...if you can't beat 'em" Attitude!!!

Have Fun in the ULR Hobby....and keep in touch with the group!!!


Robert S. Ross VA3SW]
London, Ontario CANADA

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