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David Potter <dlpotter@...>

Many thanks for the nice note, Rob. I certainly remember you from
NASWA/NU/FT and ODXA. LIkewise, I remember Dan Sheedy, Guy Atkins,
and John Fisher. I'm very sorry to hear about Kirk Allen, though.

I look forward to seeing what else I can do with ultralights. I
realize that the M37W will likely gain some companions. Part of me
would like a PL-380 (maybe with an 8" ferrite rod mod for starters?),
whereas the other part of me likes the T-615. As several of you guys
have proven, that one is certainly a winner with domestics.

For foreign DX, I think you'd need something like the Tecsun with its
selectivity options to make it doable, at least beyond the fairly easy
stations. We get our share of TAs, but we're certainly not in the
class of New England or Atlantic Canada for Europe and - to a certain
extent - Africa. We do fairly well with Central and South America,
though parts of the latter are pretty tough. As for Asia, I get
carriers from some of the flamethrowers (eg Japan 774), though I think
we should be able to turn the carriers from some of the big boys into
audio if we're properly equipped, at least on good days. The DU
stations make it to Florida, but they tend to be under-chased from
here. I logged Tahiti on 738 from the lower Keys in the mid-80s with
an R-70 and a 50ft antenna, though with my primary target being
tropical band Indos, I really didn't chase them. I know that Ray
Moore did well with DU stations from Key Largo about 20 years or so
ago. Naturally, a site on the Gulf or down in the Keys would be
optimum. But yes, overall, I think that a DXer could do okay with
foreign DX on an ultralight from Florida. From inland Florida, it's a
little tougher, but I am encouraged by the success that Richard Allen
has had from Oklahoma.

So yes, I am fairly optimistic about the possibilities, both foreign
and domestic. I'm looking forward to the challenges.


On Nov 23, 2014, at 3:12 AM, Robert Ross va3sw@...
[ultralightdx] wrote

David….Hello and Welcome to the ULR Group. Hey……I recognize your
name from the Numero Uno/Fine Tuning Days!! I was also a member of
both of those Organizations, and I am still a member of NU's
Orphan'd Son….DXPLorer!! I have seen many of your logs to NU/FT/
NASWA etc from the Old Days. I too was a big Short Wave DXer back
into the mid 1970's, and migrated to the NU Group looking for New
Thrills after my Buddy, Gary DeBock sent me a SONY SRF-59 back in
December of 2007….and the rest is History!! Things have slowed down
for me on ULR BCB lately with almost 1100 AM BCB Stations
logged…….but I need to get busy and start adding to the Log Book!!!

If you ever get that 90 Day Challenge finished…..shoot the Logs to
me……. Gary and I will get you a Fancy "Ross Challenge Certificate"
all printed up, so you can Frame it and display it on your DX Shack
Wall!! HAHHAHAH……That award was apparently named after me…....thanks
to Gary and John Bryant!!!

Glad you have finally decided to let us know you are here and
reading the mail….You may recognize another NU/FT name on here from
time to time..Dan Sheedy out in California does some ULR Shortwave DXing and posts his logs here from the to time……..There are others too…Guy Atkins, John Fisher and the late Kirk Allen and John Bryant
of course. We have a nice base of Old NU/FT guys who have taken up
residence on the ULR Group!!

Gary and John did a Great Job attracting established DXers to the
Group back when it was formed in 2008…and most of them are still here!

Have Fun with ULR DX….and glad you're here!!

73………..ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA




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